Recreation Games

Rec reschedules

It has always been our Club's policy that the game goes on UNLESS lightning is present (see below). Field closures due to weather will be posted and head coaches will be notified by email.  Coaches or referees will typically make the call to cancel a game due to adverse weather conditions. See Air Quality info below for coach initiated cancellation.  If you decide to cancel the game, you must contact the opposing coach. Reschedules will not be accommodated due to a no-show.  If your game is officiated by our referees, you will need to request a reschedule 3-5 days prior to the originally scheduled game start date (unless canceled due to poor air quality or lightning).  All reschedules should adhere to the following procedures:

  1. Contact the opposing coach to determine two mutually suitable dates for the rescheduled game.

  2. Contact Kelly with the game number and details at to determine if a field is available and to get the field reserved for the new date.

  3. If applicable, Kelly will notify the referee coordinator to reschedule the referees.

  4. Both coaches will be notified once the game is officially rescheduled.

Lightning Policy

  • If lightning is seen or heard, a lightning warning will be issued.
  • A count will start from the first sight of lightning until the associated thunder is heard.  If the count is less than 30 seconds from flash to thunder or as determined by advanced technology that the lightning is less than six (6) miles away, all individuals should be evacuated to a safe location.
  • When lightning has moved farther than six (6) miles away and 30 minutes has passed since the last strike within six (6) miles, play may resume.

Game Cancellation Process due to RED air quality

  • Games may be canceled within 1 hour prior to kick off time based on the quality of air reporting. Please refer to this website  for an accurate report:*
    • Games will not be canceled if the air quality reporting is not in the red
  • Each coach is responsible for checking the air quality for their game time. Games should be rescheduled if the air quality is RED.
  • If the air quality index is reflecting RED within an hour of your game time, take a screen shot of the air quality report and submit that via email to Kelly at, and Jennifer at with the game number, and also include the other coach (their email address can be found by clicking on their name in the list of teams/coaches in your age group on the CMS rec game schedule). Jennifer will then notify the referees if applicable.  
  • Please follow the reschedule instructions found on our CMS website:

  The air quality is the worst in the mornings and usually improves in the afternoon.   

Each team that is canceling/ rescheduling a game will need to notify the opponent, scheduler, and referee coordinator.  

*There is widespread discrepancy between what the news stations report and what the Utah Department of Environmental Air Quality reports. We have looked into this as to the reasons why. The Utah Department of Air Quality has fewer monitoring stations but has much more sophisticated and sensitive equipment that uses multiple methods to determine the Air Quality Index that is posted. It is updated hourly.

The news outlets use "Purple Air Monitors.” These sensors tend to run on average 30% higher than the Utah DEQ's monitoring equipment. They do have more sensors through each county. They also have a disclaimer that the AQI that they are showing are from a wide variety of sensors, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and that they are not responsible for inaccurate information. They provide a real time average at each sensor as well as a forecasted average.